Adrenal fatigue steroid treatment

Though I think it’s important to treat adrenal gland symptoms, we need to find the underlying cause of this condition. I was severely ill in 2007 after giving birthing to my son. It was nine months to be exact. I was always tired, and I would even sometimes fall asleep while breast feeding, forgetting that I was holding my son. I discovered at around 4 months that I had low breast milk supply and tried everything in the world to increase my production. There were days that I could hardly walk, talk or even coordinate getting myself out of the house for an appointment. I really thought life was over for me at that point because nothing appeared to be helping. As a last resort, after nine months of hell and 7+ doctors, I put myself on an elimination diet because I believed my condition was hormonal or dietary and not just simply postpartum depression as my doctors wanted to treat me for, and I discovered that my health improved almost 100% with the elimination of gluten. Actually, it was after 30 days of being gluten-free on the elimination diet that I decided to treat myself to a sandwich at Panera Bread and I found myself sick and severely depressed within minutes of eating my meal. All of my crazy symptoms had returned. This reaction happened twice within that week after eating gluten. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was indeed the gluten because I was still following the very strict diet at home. I have been gluten free, healthy and happy for almost 4 years, but I never really understood the connection between my symptoms which appeared hormonal and my intolerance to gluten until I found this post. Please read! It may be your answer.

When people have adrenal insufficiency they must be sure to pay special attention to times of increased stress on the body such as those undergoing surgery, those suffering from an illness or severe injury, and those who are pregnant. Even taking part in strenuous sports or exercise or working night shifts can affect cortisol levels. Some of these types of stress would require additional treatment to recover including “stress” dosages of corticosteroids, which may be given either intravenously or orally. When the person recovers from the stress situation, they can usually return to their usual amounts of medications.

In recent years, we've seen the word syndrome used rather loosely. For example, SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) is caused by a virus but is still called a syndrome. Similarly, AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is still used, despite the identification of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) as the culprit. Technically, HIV infection is the disease, and AIDS is the syndrome—the set of symptoms—caused by it; one can have the HIV infection without having AIDS. Individuals can carry the HIV infection for years before symptoms appeared. (Today, those with HIV are being treated before symptoms appear.) The terms HIV and AIDS overlap substantially, and sometimes you can only tell what a particular person (even a medical person) means by the context of the use. AIDS acquired the label of syndrome before the cause was known, and it has stuck.

Adrenal fatigue steroid treatment

adrenal fatigue steroid treatment


adrenal fatigue steroid treatmentadrenal fatigue steroid treatmentadrenal fatigue steroid treatmentadrenal fatigue steroid treatmentadrenal fatigue steroid treatment