All olympic athletes take steroids

GB Paralympic Fencer and Cyclist, Craig McCann was originally a rowing enthusiast whilst at University! In 2004 he was about to join the RAF but was discovered to have a brain tumour. By 2010 British Disabled Fencing had recognised his amazing potential and that's when his full time training began.

Craig represented GB at World and European champs in 2011 and went on to reach the quarter finals in the 2012 London Olympics.

Now training for the disciplines of Paracycling (2014 national champion) and Paratriathlon.

The priorities of each team are interesting - for the Olympic superpowers, these are some of the key facts:
• China - 6% of the team are competing in shooting (as many as are basketball players), another 4% are badminton players - higher than any other major country
•  Germany - 3% are equestrians, higher than the UK, China and the US
• Russia - 4% are wrestlers, higher than any other superpower (the UK has a tiny percentage, %)
• UK - 5% of Team GB are taking part in cycling event, which although high is behind Germany (%) and a host of other smaller countries, including France, Spain, Ecuador - and Iran
US - % of the US team are competing in athletics, compared to just 14% of the Chinese

The Rio 2016 emblem is inspired by the organisers’ vision, which is: “All Brazilians uniting to deliver the greatest festival on earth and proudly advancing our national promise of progress.” It has, as its essence, the concepts of passion and transformation, which both reflect modern-day Brazil. This positioning is supported by four pillars – harmonious diversity, contagious energy, exuberant nature, and the Olympic spirit. These have all been masterfully combined to give Rio 2016 its colourful identity. This emblem is not only a symbol of Rio’s and Brazil’s hopes for these Games but also for the future of the city and country.

All olympic athletes take steroids

all olympic athletes take steroids


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