Anabolic masster

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Joe Logalbo is the creator of anabolic running. As a gym fanatic and expert in nutrition and fitness, Joe reveals through the program that the same methodology he provides in his program is what keeps him energized, fit and testosterone driven. Joe Logalbo shares from his personal experience the struggles he faced as a newly wed 26 year old guy who was losing touch with his manly hood. At only 26, while training for a marathon, Joe began to lose control of his body. Oddly as he trained more and more for this marathon his body began to lose its youth and eventually he began to develop fat despite the fact that he was training hours every day.

Thank you Emily for your article on protein powder. I don’t think their are any “healthy saturated fats” other than Virgin Coconut Oil that is not refined. Tropical Traditions “Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil” is the farmer I know of that doesn’t process (refined) their coconuts with chemicals. The saturated fat in the coconut is good because it never enters the bloodstream where it can get stored as fat, instead it enters the liver and gets used for energy, which I found quite amazing. Go to their website and read more about coconuts.

Anabolic masster

anabolic masster


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