Chapter 20 hormones and steroids

Estrogen is actually a broad term referring to several different forms. The 3 main estrogens are known as E1, E2 and E3. The proper name for E1 is Estrone. This is a very strong form of estrogen and usually the one that becomes dominant in later life because the body continues to produce it. Estradiol is known as E2 and is also a very strong estrogen. However, it can become deficient in later life and you can experience symptoms and could possibly need to supplement it. E3 is Estriol (known as the gentle estrogen) Estriol is a very protective form of estrogen and is the estrogen most dominant during pregnancy because of its ability to protect the fetus.

The yellow discolouration is to be solely considered a quality defect. Operators of hog slaughter and processing establishments are responsible for ensuring that discoloured products, including yellow bones, are not offered for sale to consumers. No action or special inspection activity is to be undertaken by CFIA during post-mortem procedures as this is an operator quality managed defect. Furthermore, considering that the yellow colouring of bones may disappear after the carcass has remained a certain time in the cooler, operators can decide that the removal of parts of bones that showed a yellow discoloration at the time the carcass was dressed, is no longer justified once the carcass is ready to be boned at the establishment or shipped. Should the removal of these bones from the carcass take place at another Federally Registered Establishment a control program acceptable to the Veterinarian in Charge shall be put in place.

Chapter 20 hormones and steroids

chapter 20 hormones and steroids


chapter 20 hormones and steroidschapter 20 hormones and steroidschapter 20 hormones and steroidschapter 20 hormones and steroidschapter 20 hormones and steroids