Genzyme trenbolone acetate 100

Well this is a basic mass bulk cycle and one ive tried many times before with many different brands (Human Grade and UG labs) so i know what results i should be getting while on cycle.
Well first impressions start with the Dbol , i was only using a low dose @ 30mg each day but it still seemed very effective, after the 1st day i noticed the pump in my biceps and the fuller feeling i normally get in my arms when on dbols, by the third week i had gained a solid 4lbs through eating a good clean diet.
Only problem with these dbols is that by the middle of week 4 i had terrible back pumps even though i was running it at a low dosage.
Ive run Dbols before at 50mg ED for 4 weeks and not got these back pumps so im unsure why i got them at a lower dose, maybe something lacking in my diet or maybe the tabs where overdosed ?
The GP Test Enanth was a painless injection and quite smooth even with a 25g needle, i could feel the test kicking in by the end of week 3 , i got a sense of well being and balls like peanuts lol !
The Decca was also painless and smooth , by the end of week 8 i had but on 10lbs i did have a fair amount of water bloat but that was to be expected, i did also notice that by week 5 i had quite alot of back acne but again this is normal for me and was expected.
At the end of the 12 weeks i had gained a impressive 16lbs but after my PCT i kept 12lbs , still quite impressive, i looked alot fuller and was very happy with the results.
So all in all apart from the back pumps on the dbol Geneza scored quite highly with me!
It was a good cycle and i was happy with the results , i wouldnt say Geneza where Human grade quality but they are a very close UG lab version !

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Genzyme trenbolone acetate 100

genzyme trenbolone acetate 100