Interviews with steroid abusers

(J Clark Baird) Yes, I do expect so. Administrative agencies are subject to the institutional phenomena of expansion of their jurisdictional authority. Agencies want to regulate more areas to justify increases in their budget requests and to insure their jobs and their importance in Washington. The FDA has dramatically increased the size of their Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI) over the past decade, which has led to more
steroid-related busts on the national level. Same with the DEA: the more steroids they can seize, the larger a budget they will get.

And of course, what survey of gender difference research would be complete without an allusion to the wretched annals of dating? When I told the team about the disparity in attrition between genders, the resounding response was along the lines of, “Well, yeah. Just think about dating from a man’s perspective.” Indeed, a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior confirms that men treat rejection in dating very differently than women, even going so far as to say that men “reported they would experience a more positive than negative affective response after… being sexually rejected.”

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Interviews with steroid abusers

interviews with steroid abusers


interviews with steroid abusersinterviews with steroid abusersinterviews with steroid abusersinterviews with steroid abusersinterviews with steroid abusers