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On April 28, 2005, Candido felt ill and his condition worsened during the day. He collapsed in the evening and was rushed to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey . [2] [16] He was diagnosed with pneumonia . Doctors drained his lungs, but Candido died soon afterwards. He was 33 years old. His brother Johnny , reported that Candido died due to a blood clot , a complication from surgery. [16] In a 2016 interview Johnny Candido would reveal that Chris did not die from a blood clot, but rather acute pneumonia. [20] This death had a profound effect on fellow wrestlers such as CM Punk , who in 2014 voiced his concern of a post-elbow surgery clot similar to that of Candido. [21]

Have these gentlemen, or any other haters of the hip thrust, taken the time to examine my testimonials ? I’m unaware of any fitness professional with 1/10th of the anecdotal support that I have amassed in the glute development department. I wonder what goes on in the hater’s heads when they see those pictures. Do they think I’m fabricating or photoshopping the pictures? Do they think I’m just randomly finding them on the internet and claiming them? Do they think that these types of results are the norm? If so, they clearly have no experience in the trenches. This doesn’t seem to be the case, so what gives? Do they simply turn the other cheek when it comes to testimonials and before/after pics? If this is the case, then what do they go by? Unicorn science?

So why are we bothering with this? Great question! Jocks and naturally athletic people just don’t understand this but us uncoordinated folk can have trouble with even simple movements. Seriously, I even have trouble with waltz and two-stepping which are two of the easiest dances around. We can learn complex motions but it takes us longer. It took me 25 years of playing beach doubles volleyball to get to B level when I have seen naturally athletic people do it in a single year. Us uncoordinated folk CAN learn but it takes longer to train our neurons and muscle memory.

Jonnie candito steroids

jonnie candito steroids


jonnie candito steroidsjonnie candito steroidsjonnie candito steroidsjonnie candito steroidsjonnie candito steroids