Less water retention steroids

My own mental schema of the lower lid and midface likens the complex to a sponge.  Sponges suck up water, and the movements of the face wring that water out and help move it along into the lymphatic drainage system.  The only approach that I have that works is to tighten every layer of the lower lid / midface complex to improve the effectiveness of the "wringing" of the sponge. I tighten the midface, then the lateral canthal tendon, then the muscles that encircle the eyelid, and finally, the skin.  This does not work all the time, but it does a significant percentage of the time.

No not really, tren doesnt really aromatise but it will absolutely displace test making it available to aromatise.. What OP said is not a rule. OP was wrong about test esters but right about their not being a magic pill. See it all depends on compounds in use, doses, duration, bodyfat, stress/cortisol, and hormone management / support etc. Bloating in AAS cycles is mostly caused by water retention, which is caused by estrogen increasing having been aromatised from testosterone. Longer esters do in fact aromatise more heavily than shorter, despite what the OP said, however, take excessive short esters or cram in other compounds like 19nors that compete heavily for the andro receptors and you will bump up the availability of test to convert to estro and cause thereby bloating/water retention.

Less water retention steroids

less water retention steroids


less water retention steroidsless water retention steroidsless water retention steroidsless water retention steroidsless water retention steroids