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How likely are any intelligent beings on other worlds to look like the gray aliens from pop culture? Not very. To find a humanoid form on another world, a whole series of unexpected events would have to been replicated. Early hominids adapted to a particular niche on the savannas of Africa, their upright posture letting them see stronger, fiercer predators at a distance. Under a different environment, having a brain at the top of the body might be a liability, with increased risk of damage by falling but with no great advantage to compensate.

The horrifying reality:
No one embodied disposophobia (the compulsive refusal to throw anything away) like the Collyer Brothers of Harlem. Until their deaths in 1947, Homer and Langley Collyer lived with approximately 103 tons of garbage in their Fifth Avenue brownstone. The brothers were notoriously hermetic. Langley would only lurk the streets at night, preying on junk like some sort of hobo vampire. When urban myths sprang up that the Collyer brownstone was full of treasure, the brothers built booby traps to defend their worthless trash heap.

Fact: many gamers are turned off by the very notion of strategy. As such, many simply cast Civilization: Revolution as an exercise in boring spreadsheet management and moved on to the latest sci-fi or WWII shooter. In doing so, however, they missed what is probably the best and most accessible console implementation of turn-based strategy ever made. For an experience that was designed with keyboard and mouse in mind, Revolutions gamepad controls are still remarkably easy to learn. The bright colors and hypnotic music conjure a mesmerizing ambience in which the centuries drift by and your puny band of hunter-gatherers rise to military, economic or scientific dominance.

Mastodon steroids

mastodon steroids


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