Medical uses for androgenic steroids

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In some countries formalized training and minimum education standards exist, although these are not necessarily uniform within or between countries. For example, in Australia the currently self-regulated status of the profession (as of April 2008) results in different associations setting different educational standards, and subsequently recognising an educational institution or course of training. The National Herbalists Association of Australia is generally recognised as having the most rigorous professional standard within Australia. [64] In the United Kingdom , the training of medical herbalists is done by state funded Universities. For example, Bachelor of Science degrees in herbal medicine are offered at Universities such as University of East London , Middlesex University , University of Central Lancashire , University of Westminster , University of Lincoln and Napier University in Edinburgh at the present. [40] [ citation needed ]

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Medical uses for androgenic steroids

medical uses for androgenic steroids


medical uses for androgenic steroidsmedical uses for androgenic steroidsmedical uses for androgenic steroidsmedical uses for androgenic steroidsmedical uses for androgenic steroids