Mixing steroid powders

The Best So Far
By M. Hernandez on March 11, 2012
After years of using an wide array of protein supplements I tried Isopure and never went back to Weider, Myoplex, GNC or any of the other supplements I’d tried. Few, if any, of these supplements are FDA regulated, (aside from certain safety standards {?}), leaving an opening for inflation of the stated amounts of nutrients the manufacturer(s) claim. That leaves a huge gray area in determining which brand fuels muscle growth “better”. The only way to tell is to try different ones over the course of months & years. Then there are other, less important, (at least to me), factors like: how well it mixes, how it tastes, packaging, shelf life etc. This product has been, by far, the best no-carb protein mix for me. It costs twice what the cheap whey proteins cost but I don’t mind paying the price when I’ve seen much better results, taste and ease of use with the Isopure. I’ve tried all the flavors and like the Cookies & Cream or vanilla flavors as they’re more neutral and allow for some creativity by mixing this into, let’s say: pancake mix, skim-milk banana shakes, yogurt smoothies etc. Bottom line, it’s good stuff.

If your full-time job isn’t training for the olympics, though, you probably don’t have time to buy yams, bake them for a couple of hours, cool them overnight, and haul them to the gym wrapped in foil… every single day. So for those who can’t prioritize meal planning, protein powders are a great way to bolster their overall health – as long as the supplement is consumed in the right manner, of course. Consider the following words from the International Sports Science Association: “The biggest advantage of protein supplements is not that they can build more muscle; the biggest advantage is convenience.”

Mixing steroid powders

mixing steroid powders


mixing steroid powdersmixing steroid powdersmixing steroid powdersmixing steroid powdersmixing steroid powders