Possible get 20 inch arms without steroids

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Now, I realize that what I did was a “shock” routine; which broke me out of a rut. Now, as a regular schedule, I’d recommend training each bodypart with limited sets only every 4 to 5 days. But what I did worked. I had experimented with steroids at 18 for a few months; but never took them again. Never since before I turned 19. This “shock” routine worked BETTER than when I took that bottle of D-ball my firend at the gym had sold me. I did this routine at home. I made my own pully with rope from the hardware store and I made a “Scott” bench. I had 2, 4×4’s attached to a cross- board nailed to the studs up near the ceiling. The 4×4’s were about 40 inches apart and came down to the floor at a high angle. I had large holes drill about half-way into the 4×4’s so that I could place large bolts into them at different heights. I could also lay another 4×4 across, which I had rounded off and padded, and get between the wall and the rails to do my “Scott” curls. I put another board across the rails (high up) to attach a pully to. That was years ago; so you’ve come way too late to tell me that a natural guy can’t build big, cut arms. I did it; and most of that extra size lasted years afterwards, when I went back to normal training (though not as cut and impressive as when I followed this routine [my arm muscles didn’t “pop out” as much]). And I never took a steroid after my 18th year. I don’t mean to sound flippant; but “I KNOW” it can be done. You can get your arms past 16 inches naturally. I’m glad I didn’t read this article in a magazine years ago. I might not have even tried.

Hey Mich,
this is Teja,
ive been working out in the gym frm past 9mntz….n m happy about my body tranformation…nw the problem here is i can still feel the body soft n still grab a layer of skin or d fat which u say into my handz….
i mean itz like every where my stomach where the abs are’nt dat clear,my bicep itz 16inch bt with the extra fat which i can grab…..
over all u can say a gym physiq which is soft or which isn toned…i weigh …n d bmi is 20%…
so could u plz suggest me with few exercises or a diet or nything which ive got to follow….!!!

Possible get 20 inch arms without steroids

possible get 20 inch arms without steroids


possible get 20 inch arms without steroidspossible get 20 inch arms without steroidspossible get 20 inch arms without steroidspossible get 20 inch arms without steroidspossible get 20 inch arms without steroids