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I will agree that it was very painful. It wasn’t bad enough for me to use pain medication but I did keep it on ice. I have had it done twice now to help heal my torn achilles tendon. The first time I was on crutches for three weeks after the injection and in a boot for eight weeks. The injection made a significant improvement in the tendon but it wasn’t completely healed, so the doctor did a second one at 14 weeks after the first. After the second one I was on crutches for a week, which it was so sore the first couple of days I couldn’t have walked on it if I would have wanted to. That was four weeks ago and the tendon seems to be much stronger. I walk most of the day with barely a limp until later in the day when it gets a little sore although a big part of my problem is still an extremely weak calf muscle, which I believe causes the limping. I am not suppose to push strengthening the calf muscle for another two weeks as the injection is most effective for the first six weeks.

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Quad injection site for steroids

quad injection site for steroids


quad injection site for steroidsquad injection site for steroidsquad injection site for steroidsquad injection site for steroidsquad injection site for steroids