Slang terms for taking steroids

Sally / Nancy – a complainer that isn’t cut out for the workload
Joiner – guest(s) that arrive late to a table that has already started
Test Pilots – early diners
Shopper – a person eating that is actually an undercover reviewer or quality control agent
Balls deep in the bush – the point past being in weeds
Weed wacker / bail out – a person sent to help someone get out of the weeds
On the Side – to cut a sandwich in half
Bang cock – said before opening a low door where another staff member is standing
Ambushed by senior citizen brigade / Red Hat Attack / blue light specials – when senior citizens all comes at once for lunch
Butterfly – cut a something lengthwise to make thin and cook faster; ., walking in 9oz fillet well guest is okay to butterfly
Plancha – flat top
Intern / Mule / Donkey / Bitch – name given to lowest ranking staff member
Paper Tiger – executive chef
Jail Bird – when a grill cook doesn’t sear cross marks on a chicken breast and instead just marks with parallel lines that look like old fasion prison uniforms
Bone it – to cook something until it is completely bone dry
Low call – a request for restocking an item that is low during service
Stray dog – person that wanders away from their work area into another section
Jedi Crack – espresso
Salamander – broiler
Space pussy – steel wool
Biotherm – thermometer
Foodie – person that over estimates their knowledge of food, cooking, drinks and drink preparation.
Day care – a section of the dining room that has a lot of kids
Rim Job – to wipe the rim area of a plate clean
SOS – sauce on side
IQF – individually quick frozen
Running long – when food production starts to arrive at the sell window / pass later than expected
Job opening – yelled when a server breaks a dish
Job security report – a chart that shows who leads in wine sales
Reggae – made with no special instructions
Blue check – when a plate comes back to be corrected, it becomes a blue check with priority to sell
Charity worker – a server that doesn’t sell / up-sell
Give some love – brush or finish with butter
Nubs – a person that has poor knife skills
Ace – a person that has high levels of skill

Tankslapper - A dangerous situation where the motorcycle's handlebars jerk back and forth causing the riders knees to slap against the gas tank. A motorcycle under power will naturally seek to roll upright and in a straight line so if mishandled, the handlebars can jerk back and forth trying to find the straight line. A tankslapper normally ends up with the rider laying the bike down.

Slang terms for taking steroids

slang terms for taking steroids


slang terms for taking steroidsslang terms for taking steroidsslang terms for taking steroidsslang terms for taking steroidsslang terms for taking steroids